The TF10 class association is in place to ensure quality, competitive racing. The racing format will be owner controlled and will provide a variety of race courses from bay races to coastal as well as traditional windward leeward courses.

Download the TF10 Class Association (TF10CA) Rules


Owner managed class association in place

The TF10 Class rules are established for the purpose of guiding safe, fair, and a congenial and supportive atmosphere for competition. The equipment will be strictly One Design, and the pool of crew supportive of the owner/driver, will be the same for all boats. It is the intention of the class to ensure that the basis of competition is the sailing expertise of the owner/driver exclusively and that the cost of racing the boat is reasonable and approximately the same for all owner/drivers. It is the expressed goal of the class to avoid an 'arms race' for equipment, sails, and crew.

2020 TF10 Class Racing

A 2020 Regatta Calendar is on! From the East Coast to the West, TF10’s are foiling!
View the 2020 Racing Calendar. More events may be added.

For more information about the TF10 Class Association (TF10CA), please contact the Class Manager via email at