TF10 Launched

Article by Thijs - Great news. This weekend we went out sailing the new TF10 trimaran for the very first time. As this is a new boat and a new concept, we took it gently. The goal was to slowly explore the boat and ensure the structural integrity first and foremost. Also when in the water, the platform felt stiff and light on its feet. After a few hours, we felt confident to gradually increase the loads and get some speed.

We saw wind speeds from 4 knots to 20+ knots, great for testing. In all conditions, the boat feels easy to handle with nice low sheet loads and a superdirect and light helm. Very close to an A-cat in terms of steering response. We topped 24 knots and called it a day.

There is much more to test and to learn before we sail the TF10 to its full potential. But first impressions are very good, you can feel the balance is there and we will now work on improving and finding the right settings.

We also learnt that the actuators require finetuning. In a few days we will have better images taken, for now please make do with below. Make sure to check back for more information soon!