TF10 Tooling Well Underway

Article by: Sven - We have been working head over heels for many months on what we believe is coming together as a very cool boat. It foils, floats and folds – the TF10 trimaran.

Measuring some 32 ft in length we believe this boat has the potential for many avid sailors across the planet to experience and enjoy the current thrill of sailing (foiling) in a team setting without being professional heroes.

We set out to work after the summer holiday season, taking Morelli & Melvins design and prepare all components for production. Each item, small or large, has been scrutinized in order to warrant consistent production quality and as such offer one of the best One Design racing boats possible.

As always, it all starts with tooling. No compromises have been made, following the arrival of CNC milled epoxy paste plugs we set out to manufacture infused carbon epoxy moulds. The moulds of smaller components have been milled from aluminium. Tooling is well underway now, we are preparing the production area for production of the first five TF10’s and in a matter of weeks will we be laminating the first boat. Exciting.

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