Exclusive TF10 Foiling Trimaran Experience at Newport International Boat Show

Article by Sven - DNA Performance Sailing B.V. (DNA) will be presenting the new TF10 foiling trimaran at the 2018 Newport International Boat Show that takes place from September 13-16. Dutch beer brewer Heineken sponsors DNA’s participation at the show.

One TF10 will be moored at Dock N-10 and another TF10 will be available for live foiling experiences. A selected audience has already been invited to join on the TF10 foiling trips made during the Newport boat show. The remaining number of spots will be made available during the Newport boat show.

Co-founder DNA Sven Erik Janssen: ”We see a lot of interest in the market for a safe and fast foiling boat and the TF10 is all that. The aim of the TF10 is to make foiling safer and more accessible for the everyday sailor. The last 10 years of foiling sailing development has shown where the future of the sport is going. Having the boat at the Newport boat show enables us to give fans the opportunity to experience the unique foiling capabilities of the TF10.”

Malcolm Gefter, member of the NYYC, a racing enthusiast and one of the first owners of the TF10 trimaran, who will also be present at the show recently said: “If you are not foiling while sailing, you are not sailing in the modern world at the highest level.”

Steve Benjamin one of the lucky few that already went out on the TF10 in July 2018 quoted: “It’s my first time foiling and the fastest I’ve ever gone in (or should I say on) a sailboat, truly an amazing experience.”

The TF10 already has its own racing class and a strong group of owners (mostly members of the NYYC) ensures the race-ready yachts remain competitive without the need for constant tinkering and expensive modifications. For more information about the TF10 racing class please visit https://www.tf10class.com

Full specs on the TF10 and other DNA products: www.dnaperformancesailing.com. For media or information, contact: Sven Erik Janssen dna@hollandcomposites.nl or call +31320281877.