Those Magnificent Men and Their Flying Machines

2019 - July 9 - Marching in strong at the 2019 Sail Newport Regatta, three TF10 foiling trimarans took to offshore waters to race Newport’s staple, summertime yacht racing event.

Malcolm Gefter’s Celeritas took line honors followed by John Taylor’s Ninkasi Heineken Light, then Ron O’Hanley’s Fearless Girl. Full Race Results

The racing conditions were absolutely stunning. Beautiful light to moderate breezes built throughout Saturday afternoon making for a perfect day of powerful and exciting hydrofoiling. Because of its super lightweight characteristics, the TF10 needs only a mere 8-9 knots to fly like a beast!

In addition to a fourth TF10 being delivered in late July, more racing is on the immediate horizon as competition awaits the fleet at this weekend’s brand new Midtown Cup Regatta happening July 12-14.

Centralized and headquartered at Newport’s Forty 1º North, and Race Committee managed by none other than the remarkable Bill Canfield and Elizabeth Shaw O’Tootle, the Midtown Cup offers up a full schedule of great midday racing, paired perfectly with shoreside drinks, food and planned team gatherings!

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