TF10 Wraps Up Solid Two Weeks of Racing Down Under


Tony Considine has officially made his Mad Max TF10 famous after a full two weeks of racing at two of the world’s largest and most fun regattas in Australia. Airlie Beach Race Week (Aug. 8-15) and Hamilton Island Race Week (Aug. 15-22) bared witness to Mad Max ripping down the race course impressing spectators — like this:

Whitsunday Sailing Club’s 2019 Airlie Beach Race Week also played host to the Australian Multihull Racing Championship. In Division 1 it was on for young and old. 

It was ever-competitive from the start with Paul Mitchell’s Ullman Sails giving the rest of the division a wide berth, choosing to go way off to the left of the course. Tony Considine’s brand spanking new TF10 with George Owen helming, and the four Extreme 40’s took the middle road and the remainder gave chase.

It was Considine’s TF10 debut, a tri-foiler that was designed to target boat speed three times true wind speed. It was the first multi- up and foiling.

After racing, Considine explained the rationale for buying the new boat: “We basically won everything with our old boat, so we talked about building a new one and what would it be. We were talking about the America’s Cup foiling boats and thought it would be great if we could find a foiling tri, but it had to be trailable; we needed to move it around easily.

“We looked around and found a DNA TF10 foiling trimaran and the guys (headed by Mad Max’s skipper, George Owen and Considine’s son) took it for a sail and that was that.” 

Of the new 11 metre tri, Considine said, “It’s fun to sail. We need only about 8-9 knots for her to get up and go.”

It was obvious by the following week at Hamilton Island Race Week that Tony and the Mad Max crew had settled into their new foiling digs quite comfortably and was ready to take on the next round of competition.

Several days of racing boiled down to a fantastic duel with Michel Van Der Zwaard’s Back in Black for the top handicap rung over seven races. Young in their boat, Considine was quite satisfied with his second overall Multihull Series finish.

Airlie Beach Race Week

Hamilton Island Race Week