Foil Mode — It’s Your Choice

The TF10 is built to allow us all to experience the thrill of foiling. The last 10 years of foiling sailing development has shown where the future of the sport is going. Sail in full-foil mode, or retract and still sail at the blistering speeds of a conventional trimaran. The choice is your’s and the helmsman can make the decision based on a change in conditions. 

Logistical Ease

Easily transport the TF10 - simply retract the amas, and dock in a standard narrow slip, trailer or ship your boat. The TF10 has been built with ease of competition in mind. Imagine the simplicity of arriving at Key West on your own trailer or shipping to Europe in a 40’ container. Open up new weekend cruising destinations with the ease of a boat ramp. The TF10 is so simple to transport and set up it could be stored indoors.


The Rig

The TF10 features a full carbon, state of the art Southern Spars rotating mast. The mainsail is an ‘endplate’ design with wishbone boom providing performance and safety attributes.

Designed for competition

Full carbon/nomex pre-preg construction for weight savings with added strength, strict one design with a strong owners group will ensure the yachts remain competitive without the need for constant tinkering and expensive modifications.


Shatter records with room down below


Coastal Sailing

Shatter records with room down below

Shatter records in coastal overnight events with bunks for 2 off-watch crew. Imagine arriving back in time for supper from what would be a traditional ‘overnight’ race.

Accommodation for off-watch crew with 5’ 10” (1.8m) standing room in the center hull. Ample storage space is available in the 2 amas for longer voyages.

Easily Trailerable

Retractable Amas

Easily retract the amas and dock, trailer or store your TF10. The retracted amas create an overall beam of 8’ 4” (2.5m). No need to line up for a hoist, pay for a travel lift or register for a highway permit. The TF10 can be pulled with a standard HD pickup truck and launched from a ramp. The TF10 can be hoist launched at a standard YC hoist meant for small keelboats.


Simple retracting dock and trailer mode

The Foil System


The foils on the TF10 allow levels of fun and performance formerly reserved for America’s Cup and professionally crewed racing catamarans. The main difference between the America’s Cup style foils, and the foils on the TF10 are that you do not need to retract and deploy the foils during each tack or jibe maneuver – you simply leave them down! This feature greatly simplifies maneuvers and allows the TF10 to be sailed on short courses with relative ease. You can sail all day and not have to retract a foil.

The T rudders provide pitch stability when foiling or not, improving controllability and motion comfort in every condition. Both the foils and rudders are remotely controlled from the cockpit using electronic controls. Simply press a button to change angle of attack and lift. The rudders can be used to generate additional righting moment and speed if desired. The foils are fully retractable and removable from the deck, allowing easy folding while on the water. The rudders are designed to pivot up for folding and mooring, and have a load-release mechanism to allow the rudders to kick up in the event of grounding.