The TF10 Foiling TRImaran IS HERE.

The most advanced sailing technology on the planet now available to all sailors.

America’s Cup technology is now available to all sailors — the ultra-sleek TF10 is the next generation of foiling, and at its core is the ability to maintain more control while racing. The TF10 combines attributes learned from previous ground-breaking foiling yachts, yet provides a stable and safe, yet exhilarating platform for a complete high performance experience.



TF10 Fever Takes Hold with Test Drives Worldwide

2019 - April 29 - The TF10 foiling trimaran takes flight once more this week on San Francisco Bay in California. Test drives are scheduled and up to three TF10s will participate at the Great Vallejo Race (GVR) hosted by the Great Vallejo Yacht Club on May 4-5. 
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West Coast Success for the TF10

2019 - April 7 - The TF10 Class Association and DNA Performance Sailing wrapped up a very successful presentation at the 2019 Pacific Sail and Power Boat Show this weekend.
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TF10 Gone Wild, Wild West

2019 - March 27 - For the past few months, Sailing World Magazine’s 2019 Foiler of the Year- the TF10, has been calling California’s iconic San Francisco Bay area home.
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TF10: 2019 Foiler

2018 - December 28 - (As published by Sailing World Magazine) - Seventy-five-year-old foiling fanatic Malcolm Gefter is beaming ear to ear as he watches his 35-foot trimaran hovering 3 or 4 ft above the water with plumes of spray spitting from its rudders.
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