Lottery Stocks – Why Investing in Lottery Stocks Yields an 8% Return


Lottery is a type of game in which lots are drawn in order to select prizes. The first documented signs of a lottery were Chinese keno slips. William Shakespeare wrote about the lottery in his play The Merchant of Venice. According to Shakespeare, “every warriour is a soldier of fortune, and the best commanders have a lottery for their work.”

Investing in lottery tickets yields an 8% return

If you’ve ever wondered why investing in lottery tickets yields an 8% return, you’re not alone. Many investors feel the same way. Lottery stocks are attractive to them, because they offer a small chance of a huge payoff. Typically, these stocks are low-priced and thinly traded. In addition, they have low earnings. However, studies show that these stocks are not a good option for investors. In fact, they tend to be losers.

First recorded signs of a lottery are keno slips from the Chinese

The first recorded signs of a lottery are kena slips, which date back to the Chinese Han Dynasty (205-187 BC). It is believed that keno was first used to fund large government projects in ancient China. It is even mentioned in the Chinese Book of Songs, and may have originated there.

Scratch games offer a variety of prizes

Scratch games offer players the chance to win a large number of prizes instantly. They offer a variety of play styles and prizes, ranging from $1 to $2 million. These instant win games are available at participating Lottery retailers. Some scratch games even feature second-chance contests, allowing you to win even bigger prizes.


The disproportionate participation of African-Americans in the lottery is due in part to cultural influences, and in some cases, deliberate targeting. It is also largely dependent on the demographics of the players, and the income and educational attainment of African-Americans. A descriptive analysis of lottery play has shown that blacks spend more money per game than do whites, despite having a lower overall participation rate. This disparity may be explained by the difference in marketing strategies used to target the minority group.


Winning the lottery is a dream of many Latinos. Though winning the lottery is a long shot, Latinos still hope to hit the jackpot. Some of them even consider winning the lottery to be more likely than being struck by lightning. Yesenia Contreras Frazier, a paralegal in Washington, D.C., moved to the nation’s capital from El Salvador at age six. She says she would try her luck if she ever won the lottery.

Low-income communities

When applying to live in a low-income community, the first step is to fill out an application. The housing lottery system works by ranking households according to income. A household that makes $30,720 or less is considered “extremely low-income” and will face the most competition. For every apartment that was available, 650 applications were received.

European lotteries

The European Lotteries (EL) is an umbrella association of national lotteries throughout Europe. The organisation represents the interests of more than 40 countries. Its members are more than 70, with about 50 of them based in EU Member States. Its work plan for the years 2021 to 2023 focuses on adaptability and encouraging innovation among lottery operators.